onsdag 28 september 2011

Tidermans cafè

Last sunday Andy and I made our way to town to have breakfast at a café. To our surprise they opened at 7.30 a.m. which was really early for being a Swedish place. The café we visited was Tidermans, one of Södertäljes oldest cafés.

We ordered two different sandwiches and coffee and sat down in the very cozy environment and just chatted away for a few hours...

My salami and brie samie and Andy ordered a samie with hand-peeled shrimps.

We ended up sharing the samies just to get the best of both words and enjoyed the quiet and calm that a Sunday morning can bring...

4 kommentarer:

FixaDinBlogspot sa...

Men vad hungrig jag blev nu, det ser jättegott ut!
Ha det gott!

Annmi sa...

Ser underbar ut/Jam & Kram

Linda sa...

Kikar in och säger hej lite snabbt. Så himla fin blogg, älskar dina färger! Ska läsa lite mer efter bloggfikat.

(byell från fikat)

Karoleen sa...

Anneli: Tackar - det var gott också =)
Annmi: Kul att du gillade det =)
Linda: Hej hej! Tack snälla. =)

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