tisdag 31 januari 2012

Grimm Brothers Brewhouse

I want this NOW!
Who doesn't want a Snow Drop beer...
I guess they don't ship to Sweden. =(

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Tända ljus

Jag älskar den här årstiden, jag får tända hur många ljus som helst... :-)

Och så får jag fota det också och det är nästan lika underbart!

Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry about Cheese: "Milk-gone-off-big-time-styliey."


Marabou limited edition Black saltlakrits

I brevlådan låg det ett packet med Marabous nya limited edition Black saltlakrits. Mums!

Jag var med i en tävling häromdagen och tydligen vann jag :-) Wee!

Tack Marabou! Ska bli underbart att testa!

Kali mera

(God morgon på Grekiska)

Det är fortsatt kallt idag, -14 C. Vinter vinter :-)

måndag 30 januari 2012

Grevinnan är hemma

Älskade Grevinnan var här på en eftermiddagsdate idag. Det är så härligt att ha henne hemma igen. Mys att bara kunna sitta och prata i soffan.

Välkommen hem vännen!

-14 C minusgrader

Men hallå... Är det bara jag som missat att det är -14 C idag...

Hyvää huomenta

Gomorron (på finska)!

Solen skiner och om det inte vore för snön så skulle man kunna tro att det är vår men samtidigt så är det väl egentligen en fantastisk vinter dag :-)

söndag 29 januari 2012

Berget & A2

Grattis på Ett-års-dagen!

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Less is More

... blir ett engelskt uttryck: LESS IS MORE. Det handlar alltså om minimalism, enkelhet den här veckan. Vad tycker ni, kan det vara nåt att bita i? 

Indien är absolut inte ett land som följer en LESS IS MORE mentalitet, utan det är snarare en MORE IS MORE & MORE IS BETTER mentalitet. Det medför ofta att det är alldeles för mycket folk överallt, alldeles för mycket saker överallt och det kan ibland känna slite klaustrofobiskt. Dock det är ju charmigt på ett Indiskt sätt =)

Men ibland så kan man hitta små guldkorn där man känner att man kan andas och att man bara kan njuta av hur fantastiskt vackert Indien faktist är... Och för mig är detta hur jag minns Indien.

Under våra grymma resa till Indien (2010) tillsammans med barndomskompisarna så besökte vi Mumbai (Bombay), Bangalore och området Kerela. Bilderna ni kommer få se är från Kerela...

(Bilderna är tagna från en rullande bil, så de är inte knivskarpa, men jag gillar dom väldigt mycket ändå)
Kerela India Mountain
En regning dag i bergen.

Kerela India Mountain
Solen tittar fram när vi är på väg upp på högsta berget i området.

Kerela India tea plantation
Teplantagen som täcker alla sluttningar.

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lördag 28 januari 2012


Mums! Kroppkakor och kladdkakor passar bra ihop!


Snart dags för lunch...

Who's eyebrows are you wearing?

Eyebrow form ögonbrynsform

Who's eyebrows are you wearing?

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Der Bärenhäuter

by The Brothers Grimm
translated by Margaret Taylor (1884)

THERE was once a young fellow who enlisted as a soldier, conducted himself bravely, and was always the foremost when it rained bullets. So long as the war lasted, all went well, but when peace was made, he received his dismissal, and the captain said he might go where he liked. His parents were dead, and he had no longer a home, so he went to his brothers and begged them to take him in, and keep him until war broke out again. The brothers, however, were hard-hearted and said, “What can we do with thee? thou art of no use to us; go and make a living for thyself.” The soldier had nothing left but his gun; he took that on his shoulder, and went forth into the world. He came to a wide heath, on which nothing was to be seen but a circle of trees; under these he sat sorrowfully down, and began to think over his fate. “I have no money,” thought he, “I have learnt no trade but that of fighting, and now that they have made peace they don’t want me any longer; so I see beforehand that I shall have to starve.” All at once he heard a rustling, and when he looked round, a strange man stood before him, who wore a green coat and looked right stately, but had a hideous cloven foot. “I know already what thou art in need of,” said the man; “gold and possessions shall thou have, as much as thou canst make away with do what thou wilt, but first I must know if thou art fearless, that I may not bestow my money in vain.” “A soldier and fear - how can those two things go together?” he answered; “thou canst put me to the proof.” “Very well, then,” answered the man, “look behind thee.” The soldier turned round, and saw a large bear, which came growling towards him. “Oho!” cried the soldier, “I will tickle thy nose for thee, so that thou shalt soon lose thy fancy for growling,” and he aimed at the bear and shot it through the muzzle; it fell down and never stirred again. “I see quite well,” said the stranger, “that thou art not wanting in courage, but there is still another condition which thou wilt have to fulfil.” “If it does not endanger my salvation,” replied the soldier, who knew very well who was standing by him. “If it does, I’ll have nothing to do with it.” “Thou wilt look to that for thyself,” answered Greencoat; “thou shalt for the next seven years neither wash thyself, nor comb thy beard, nor thy hair, nor cut thy nails, nor say one paternoster. I will give thee a coat and a cloak, which during this time thou must wear. If thou diest during these seven years, thou art mine; if thou remainest alive, thou art free, and rich to boot, for all the rest of thy life.” The soldier thought of the great extremity in which he now found himself, and as he so often had gone to meet death, he resolved to risk it now also, and agreed to the terms. The Devil took off his green coat, gave it to the soldier, and said, “If thou hast this coat on thy back and puttest thy hand into the pocket, thou wilt always find it full of money.” Then he pulled the skin off the bear and said, “This shall be thy cloak, and thy bed also, for thereon shalt thou sleep, and in no other bed shalt thou lie, and because of this apparel shalt thou be called Bearskin.” After this the Devil vanished.

The soldier put the coat on, felt at once in the pocket, and found that the thing was really true. Then he put on the bearskin and went forth into the world, and enjoyed himself, refraining from nothing that did him good and his money harm. During the first year his appearance was passable, but during the second he began to look like a monster. His hair covered nearly the whole of his face, his beard was like a piece of coarse felt, his fingers had claws, and his face was so covered with dirt that if cress had been sown on it, it would have come up. Whosoever saw him, ran away, but as he everywhere gave the poor money to pray that he might not die during the seven years, and as he paid well for everything he still always found shelter. In the fourth year, he entered an inn where the landlord would not receive him, and would not even let him have a place in the stable, because he was afraid the horses would be scared. But as Bearskin thrust his hand into his pocket and pulled out a handful of ducats, the host let himself be persuaded and gave him a room in an outhouse. Bearskin was, however, obliged to promise not to let himself be seen, lest the inn should get a bad name.

As Bearskin was sitting alone in the evening, and wishing from the bottom of his heart that the seven years were over, he heard a loud lamenting in a neighboring room. He had a compassionate heart, so he opened the door, and saw an old man weeping bitterly, and wringing his hands. Bearskin went nearer, but the man sprang to his feet and tried to escape from him. At last when the man perceived that Bearskin’s voice was human he let himself be prevailed on, and by kind words bearskin succeeded so far that the old man revealed the cause of his grief. His property had dwindled away by degrees, he and his daughters would have to starve, and he was so poor that he could not pay the innkeeper, and was to be put in prison. “If that is your only trouble,” said Bearskin, “I have plenty of money.” He caused the innkeeper to be brought thither, paid him and put a purse full of gold into the poor old man’s pocket besides.
When the old man saw himself set free from all his troubles he did not know how to be grateful enough. “Come with me,” said he to Bearskin; “my daughters are all miracles of beauty, choose one of them for thyself as a wife. When she hears what thou hast done for me, she will not refuse thee. Thou dost in truth look a little strange, but she will soon put thee to rights again.” This pleased Bearskin well, and he went. When the eldest saw him she was so terribly alarmed at his face that she screamed and ran away. The second stood still and looked at him from head to foot, but then she said, “How can I accept a husband who no longer has a human form? The shaven bear that once was here and passed itself off for a man pleased me far better, for at any rate it wore a hussar’s dress and white gloves. If it were nothing but ugliness, I might get used to that.” The youngest, however, said, “Dear father, that must be a good man to have helped you out of your trouble, so if you have promised him a bride for doing it, your promise must be kept.” It was a pity that Bearskin’s face was covered with dirt and with hair, for if not they might have seen how delighted he was when he heard these words. He took a ring from his finger, broke it in two, and gave her one half, the other he kept for himself. He wrote his name, however, on her half, and hers on his, and begged her to keep her piece carefully, and then he took his leave and said, “I must still wander about for three years, and if I do not return then, thou art free, for I shall be dead. But pray to God to preserve my life.”

The poor betrothed bride dressed herself entirely in black, and when she thought of her future bridegroom, tears came into her eyes. Nothing but contempt and mockery fell to her lot from her sisters. “Take care,” said the eldest, “if thou givest him thy hand, he will strike his claws into it.” “Beware!” said the second. “Bears like sweet things, and if he takes a fancy to thee, he will eat thee up.” “Thou must always do as he likes,” began the elder again, “or else he will growl.” And the second continued, “But the wedding will be a merry one, for bears dance well.” The bride was silent, and did not let them vex her. Bearskin, however, travelled about the world from one place to another, did good where he was able, and gave generously to the poor that they might pray for him.

At length, as the last day of the seven years dawned, he went once more out on to the heath, and seated himself beneath the circle of trees. It was not long before the wind whistled, and the Devil stood before him and looked angrily at him; then he threw Bearskin his old coat, and asked for his own green one back. “We have not got so far as that yet,” answered Bearskin, “thou must first make me clean.” Whether the Devil liked it or not, he was forced to fetch water, and wash Bearskin, comb his hair, and cut his nails. After this, he looked like a brave soldier, and was much handsomer than he had ever been before.

When the Devil had gone away, Bearskin was quite lighthearted. He went into the town, put on a magnificent velvet coat, seated himself in a carriage drawn by four white horses, and drove to his bride’s house. No one recognized him, the father took him for a distinguished general, and led him into the room where his daughters were sitting. He was forced to place himself between the two eldest, they helped him to wine, gave him the best pieces of meat, and thought that in all the world they had never seen a handsomer man. The bride, however, sat opposite to him in her black dress, and never raised her eyes, nor spoke a word. When at length he asked the father if he would give him one of his daughters to wife, the two eldest jumped up, ran into their bedrooms to put on splendid dresses, for each of them fancied she was the chosen one. The stranger, as soon as he was alone with his bride, brought out his half of the ring, and threw it in a glass of wine which he reached across the table to her. She took the wine, but when she had drunk it, and found the half ring lying at the bottom, her heart began to beat. She got the other half, which she wore on a ribbon round her neck, joined them, and saw that the two pieces fitted exactly together. Then said he, “I am thy betrothed bridegroom, whom thou sawest as Bearskin, but through God’s grace I have again received my human form, and have once more become clean.” He went up to her, embraced her, and gave her a kiss. In the meantime the two sisters came back in full dress, and when they saw that the handsome man had fallen to the share of the youngest, and heard that he was Bearskin, they ran out full of anger and rage. One of them drowned herself in the well, the other hanged herself on a tree. In the evening, some one knocked at the door, and when the bridegroom opened it, it was the Devil in his green coat, who said, “Seest thou, I have now got two souls in the place of thy one!”

In German.

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Kinder-und Hausmärchen

Jag har sedan barnsben haft en fasination med bröderna Grimms sagor. Snövit, Rödluvan, Rumpelstiltskin, Rapunzel och så många andra vackra och lite skrämmande. Bröderna Grimms sagor var ofta mörka och slutade inte lyckligt, men eftersom flera av sagorna är omgjorda som Disney-klassiker tror man ju att det så är fallet. Jag har länge letat efter gamla böcker med deras sagor, för det finns flera hundra, men de är svåra att hitta. En av deras sagosamlingar Fairy tales Children's and Household Tales (Kinder-und Hausmärchen) innehåller 200 sagor =) 

När filmen The Brothers Grimm kom 2005 med Heath Ledger, Matt Damon och Peter Stormare var jag först i ledet för att titta på den. Jag tycker den är jättebra, mycket humor och ganska spännande. En Hollywood film men ändå ganska underhållande och en som jag kan titta på flera gånger om.

Nyligen kom tv-serien Grimm och även den har vi fastnat för. Den är ganska underhållande och har lite mysiska undertoner. Varje avsnitt "syftar på" en saga och det gör mig mer och mer sugen på att läsa och införskaffa Grimms mörka sagor. Men så länge får jag hålla mig till serien.

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fredag 27 januari 2012

Cat Facts

cat facts funny

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Hmm... dagens outfit ;-)

The Truth

Teddy bear monster

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torsdag 26 januari 2012

Hos Svärisarna :-)

Vi har åkt söderut igen till Svärisarna. Adde är iväg på Loge och jag har åkt med svärmor och svärfar hem till huset. Vi har ätit mackor med te till middag och det blev inget mindre än köttbullsmackor med rödbetssallad och kaviar och äggmackor. Mums!

Lax, potatismos och hollandaisesås

Gott till lunch

ICA kanelbullar och kaffe

Som nyinflyttade i området fick vi värde-checkar från ICA på varsitt packet Kanellbullar och Kaffe till flyttfikat :-)

Det tackar vi för, kaffe och kanelbullar är alltid trevligt. Tack ICA!


QI är ett underbart Tv-program =)
Alan Davies about Tutankhamun: It looks like Tiger Woods eating a Cornetto.
Tutankhamuns mask Egyptian Museum
En förbjuden bild tagen 2000 i på Tutankhamuns mask i Tutankhamun-rummet i det Egyptiska Museet i Kairo, Egypten.

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Årets Kock 2012 - Klas Lindberg

Stort grattis till Klas Lindberg som igår vann Årets kock 2012.
Klas Lindberg Årets kock 2012

Hans vinnande rätt var
Hällstekt biff med rökt märgsmör och nordisk hetta
Hällstekt biff med mörkokt skomakabiff, glaserad majrova, lökar i olika texturer, krassekräm och rökt märgsmör.
Klas Lindberg Hällstekt biff med rökt märgsmör och nordisk hetta

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onsdag 25 januari 2012

Kycklingfilé au Moutarde

Snälla Svärmor gav mig receptet på den goda kycklingrätten (kolla länk för bild) vi åt i helgen. Och jag tänkte dela med mig av den till er, för den var verkligen jättesmaskig! =)

Kycklingfilé au Moutarde

4 kycklingfiléer
4 dl creme fraiche
4 tsk fransk senap
1 pressad vitlöksklyfta
2 dl finklippt persilja
2 krm grovmald svartpeppar
1 smulad hönsbuljontärning

Brun filéerna och låt eftersteka under lock på svag värme i ca 12 min.

Blanda ingredienserna till såsen och låt koka upp. Kan ev spädas med
upp till 1 dl vatten beroende på hur tjock man vill ha såsen

Servera med pressad potatis el ris samt en kokt grönsak.


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iTunes licence agreement
Might be good to know =D

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Månadens sötsak – klassiker

När jag tänker på en klassiker i bakväg så kommer det alltid bli en kladdkaka för mig. Det handlar nog mer om mina minnen om tillfällen då kladdkakan har varit med och att det är en sån där kaka som jag tycker passar jämt. Något man faller tillbaka på och vet utantill hur den ska gräddas. Den lagas till vardag och till fest och finns i hundratals olika varianter. Min har jag laborerat fram och jag tycker att den är godast i världen!
mjölkchoklad kladdkaka

Karoleens mjölkchokladkladdkaka
100 g mjölkchoklad
100 g smör
2 ägg
1 ½ dl socker
2 dl mjöl
1 tsk bakpulver
2 krm salt

100 g mjölkchoklad

Hacka chokladen smått. Smält chokladen och smöret i ett vattenbad.

I samma bunke eller kastrull, tillsätt socker, mjöl, bakpulver och salt. Vispa ihop. Tillsätt därefter äggen och blanda tills du får en jämn smet.

Hacka ner resterande choklad till mindre bitar, gärna olika storlekar. Vänd ner chokladhacket i smeten.

Häll smeten i en spring-form. Och grädda i mitten av ugnen i 175 C i 15 minuter.

Låt svalna och gärna stå kallt över natt.

Denna kaka blir kladdig om du vill ha den varm kan den ätas med en gång men då kommer den att vara jättekladdig. Jag tycker den blir godare om man gör den dagen innan och låter den stå i kylen över natt och sen tar fram den några timmar innan servering. Servera med en klick grädde.

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Uisge beatha

The Art of Whisky fasinates me. It's amazing how much the smell and the taste changes along with the color and alcohol content. It's pretty special. I'm not a Whisky drinker, I think it's way to strong-flavored for me, but Adde enjoys Whisky but mostly only Scottish Isle Whisky such as Laphroaig, Ardbeg, Caol Ila and Lagavulin.

A couple of years ago, for my Dads 50th birthday we visited one of Swedens only Whiskydistillery, Mackmyra and had a Whisky tasting. Unfortunetly since Mackmyra is so young the Whisky was about 60% pure and it tasted horrible. So we won't be making that mistake again =)

I don't know anything about Whisky, more than what Adde has taught me. But I'm inquisitive by nature and would like to know more. So I'm thrilled to have found The Single Malt Flavor Map created by Dave Broom and Jim Beveridge. A great flavor map just to make it slightly easier to understand the differences between some of the 9000 Scottish whisky's.

Addes favorites are the ones along the top and towards the smoky side. The ones that are usually full of flavor and tend to be quite strong. Not for the faint hearted and must be drunk with a couple of drops of water to disperse the flavors. 
the malt whisky flavor map
The Single Malt flavor map created by Dave Broom and Jim Beveridge.
It's all about the uisge beatha - or gaelic for Water of Life. Sláinte!

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Café de Paris-sås

Lunch: Köttfärsbiffar, kokt potatis, ångad broccolli och Café de Paris-sås. Från gårdagens middag. Mums!

Craft and Creativity garnlindade flaskor

På bloggen Craft and Creativity hittade jag detta underbara pyntet, garnlindade flaskor. Så enkelt, så färgglatt och så fantastiskt underbart! Tack för tipset Helena =)
Helena - Craft and Creativity

Helena - Craft and Creativity

Helena - Craft and Creativity

Helena - Craft and Creativity

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Smartson för Pågen Äntligen

pågen äntligen
Smartson söker provsmakar för Pågen Äntligen! Det är ljust bröd med lika mycket fibrer som ett mörkt.

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I love tests like these, I'm usually increadibly aware and get all of these right, but this one fooled me BIG TIME!

Test your awareness!

How many passes does the team in white make? Test your awareness and Do the Test! TFL cycling safetly advert! Count the number of passes the White team makes.

Read this backwards-text after watching the video: 
? raeb gniklawnoom eht ees ouy diD

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I love smart advertizing and this, my friends, it BIRLLIANT! 
Hair dyes from Wella and Koleston naturals.


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tisdag 24 januari 2012

Oscar nominees 2012

Actor In a Leading Role
Demián Bichir - A Better Life
George Clooney - The Descendants
Jean Dujardin - The Artist
Gary Oldman - Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
Brad Pitt - Moneyball

Actress In a Leading Role
Glenn Close - Albert Nobbs
Viola Davis - The Help
Rooney Mara - The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Meryl Streep - The Iron Lady
Michelle Williams - My Week With Marilyn

Best Picture
The Artist - Thomas Langmann, Producer
The Descendants - Jim Burke, Alexander Payne and Jim Taylor, Producers
Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close - Scott Rudin, Producer
The Help - Brunson Green, Chris Columbus and Michael Barnathan, Producers
Hugo - Graham King and Martin Scorsese, Producers
Midnight in Paris - Letty Aronson and Stephen Tenenbaum, Producers
Moneyball - Michael De Luca, Rachael Horovitz and Brad Pitt, Producers
The Tree of Life - Nominees to be determined
War Horse - Steven Spielberg and Kathleen Kennedy, Producers

Actor In a Supporting Role
Kenneth Branagh - My Week With Marilyn
Jonah Hill - Moneyball
Nick Nolte - Warrior
Christopher Plummer - Beginners
Max von Sydow - Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

Actress In a Supporting Role
Bérénice Bejo - The Artist
Jessica Chastain - The Help
Melissa McCarthy - Bridesmaids
Janet McTeer - Albert Nobbs
Octavia Spencer - The Help

Animated Feature Film
A Cat in Paris - Alain Gagnol and Jean-Loup Felicioli
Chico & Rita - Fernando Trueba and Javier Mariscal
Kung Fu Panda 2 - Jennifer Yuh Nelson
Puss in Boots - Chris Miller
Rango - Gore Verbinski

The Artist - Guillaume Schiffman
The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo - Jeff Cronenweth
Hugo - Robert Richardson
The Tree of Life - Emmanuel Lubezki
War Horse - Janusz Kaminski

More nominees here.
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Idag var det dags att lära sig att köra Snöslungan. Det har kommit 5 cm inatt och Adde skulle iväg till jobbet.

Lätt som en plätt var det att få bort snön och det var faktiskt riktigt roligt. :-)

Kuala Lumpur

When Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, where I lived for 4 years, looks like this I can't feel more than regret that I haven't had the chance to go back...
Kuala Lumpur in fog Malaysia
Photograper: Unknown, but found here.

If anyone is familjar with the photographer, please let me know...

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Tisdagstema: Central Market

Tisdagstema: Mat
Så hur ser det ut på den ätbara fronten? Fota och visa!

Inte en helt dagsfärsk bild för min del men likaså vacker och färgglad tagen på Central Market i Bangalore, Indien 2010. En riktigt färgsprakande marknad men så mycket roligt att se och fota.... Dessa kryddor, nötter och frukter är inte det mest färgglada på stället men i matmässigt så var de väldigt vackra tycker i alla fall jag =)
färglad bangalore india mat
Foto: Adde 2010. Bangalore, India.

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Daniella Witte för Sköna Hem

Daniella Witte har fotograferat fantastiskt vackra bilder för Sköna Hem. Väldigt i tiden med Svartvitt och nyanser av grått-trenden som kommer att synnas överallt 2012. Enkelt och stilrent, jag gillar det verkligen! 
Daniella Witte
Daniella Witte

Daniella Witte
Daniella Witte

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Manolo Blahnik & Tous

Som en Sex-and-the-City-tjej är man fullt medveten om kvaliteten och vikten av Manolo Blahnik-skor. De kostar lika mycket som en månadshyra i New York och skapar ett habegär som inget annat...
Manolo Blahnik Tous
Ett skomärke som alla SatC-tjejer skulle älska att äga...

Nu har det blivit möjligt. Manolo Blahnik och smyckestillverkaren TOUShar designat dessa vackra smycken. Två olika storlekar i sterling silver med svart eller röd emalj. Det lilla smycket kostar 1.400 kr och det stora 2.100 kr. Så otroligt fina!
Manolo Blahnik Tous

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Guldbaggen 2012

Grattis alla vinnare...

Film: "Apflickorna" av Lisa Aschan
Regi: Ruben Östlund för Play
Kvinnlig huvudroll: Ann Petrén i "Happy end"
Manlig huvudroll: Sven-Bertil Taube i "En enkel till Antibes".
Kvinnlig biroll: Cecilia Nilsson för "Simon och ekarna"
Manlig biroll: Jan Josef Liefers för "Simon och ekarna".
Manus: "Apflickorna", Josefine Adolfsson/Lisa Aschan
Dokumentär: "At night I fly" av Michel Wenzer.
Foto: Marius Dybwad Brandrud ”Play”
Klippning: The Black power mixtape 1967 - 1975", Hanna Lejonqvist, Göran Hugo Olsson.
Kostym: Moa Li Lemhagen Schalin "Kronjuvelerna."
Ljud: Andreas Franck ”Apflickorna”.
Mask/smink: Anna-Lena Melin för ”Gränsen”.
Musik: "The Black power mixtape 1967 - 1975". Questlove och Om´Mas Keith
Scenografi: Roger Rosenberg ”Kronjuvelerna”
Visuella effekter: Kronjuvelerna”, Håkan Blomdahl/Torbjörn Olsson.
Kortfilm: ”Las Palmas” av Johannes Nyholm.
Utländska film: Nader och Simin - en separation.
Gullspiran: Ylva-Li och Lennart Gustafsson.
Hedersguldbagge: Inga Landgré

måndag 23 januari 2012


I brevlådan låg det en vacker inbjudan till underbara K2 & K3 stundande sommarbröllop. Åh, så roligt!

Svara med ett ord...

Hos  Fru Westman hittade jag en kul lista.

1 Var är din mobiltelefon? Nattduksbordet
2 Var är din andra hälft? Soffan
3 Ditt hår? Uppsatt
4 Din mamma? Fantastisk
5 Din pappa? Rolig
6 Det bästa du vet? Glädje
7 Din dröm i natt? Ormar
8 Din dröm/ditt mål? Flexabilitet
9 Rummet du är i? Nersläckt
10 Din hobby? Fotograferande
11 Din skräck? Ensamhet
12 Var vill du vara om sex år?Lyckligare
13 Var var du i går kväll? Ostfondue-himlen
14 Vad är du inte? Självisk
15 En sak du önskar dig? Chanser
16 Var växte du upp?  Överallt
17 Det senaste du gjorde? Soffhängde
18 Dina kläder? Nattlinne
19 Din TV? Stor
20 Ditt husdjur? Efterlängtat
21 Din dator? Oumbärlig
22 Ditt humör? Varierande
23 Saknar någon? Föräldrarna
24 Din bil? Ookami
25 Något du inte har på dig? Gult
26 Favoritaffär? Svea
27 Din sommar? Gotland
28 Älskar någon? Adde
29 Favoritfärg? Vit
30 När skrattade du senast? Ikväll
31 När grät du senast? Knasigheter

Svara ni också, säg till så jag kan kolla era svar!

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söndag 22 januari 2012

Snacket #3: Böcker


1. Vilken bok läste du senast ut? Kate Ellis Merchant's House tror jag det var.
2. Vad handlar boken om och vad vill författaren lyfta fram/peka på?
Det är en deckarroman med en historisk återblick och som alla hennes böcker tror jag att kontentan är att "Research history to know your future".
3. Hur ser du på personerna i boken och vilka känslor väcker de? Jag gillar karaktärerna men det är inga som riktigt väcker tankar inom mig.
4. Vad tyckte du om boken? Vilket betyg ger du den och varför? 4/5 det är min typ av bok. Brittisk, på engelska, smart, spännande och allmänt relaxing.
5. Tror du att jag (Milo) skulle gilla den?
Ingen aning, gillar du brittiska deckare? =)

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EFIT 2012.01.22 21.17

Då får jag tacka för mig idag... Detta får sätta stop för EFIT dagen, nu är det snart dags att sova. Hoppas ni har haft en trevlig helg.

Sov gott!

EFIT 2012.01.22 20.50

Middag intagen i soffan framför inspelade avsnitt av fantastiska QI, ett brittiskt frågesportsprogram med bl.a. Steven Fry, Alan Davies, Bill Bailey. Det är riktigt underhållande!

EFIT 2012.01.22 19.35

Hemma nu och sen vi åkte har det kommit ca 10 cm snö, så det var dags att ta fram snöslungan och slunga bort snön.

EFIT 2012.01.22 18.24

Spotify är en otroligt trevligt resesällskap. Just nu kör vi låtar från 80-talet och vi leker gissningsleken. Jag spelar och Adde gissar...
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