onsdag 25 januari 2012

Uisge beatha

The Art of Whisky fasinates me. It's amazing how much the smell and the taste changes along with the color and alcohol content. It's pretty special. I'm not a Whisky drinker, I think it's way to strong-flavored for me, but Adde enjoys Whisky but mostly only Scottish Isle Whisky such as Laphroaig, Ardbeg, Caol Ila and Lagavulin.

A couple of years ago, for my Dads 50th birthday we visited one of Swedens only Whiskydistillery, Mackmyra and had a Whisky tasting. Unfortunetly since Mackmyra is so young the Whisky was about 60% pure and it tasted horrible. So we won't be making that mistake again =)

I don't know anything about Whisky, more than what Adde has taught me. But I'm inquisitive by nature and would like to know more. So I'm thrilled to have found The Single Malt Flavor Map created by Dave Broom and Jim Beveridge. A great flavor map just to make it slightly easier to understand the differences between some of the 9000 Scottish whisky's.

Addes favorites are the ones along the top and towards the smoky side. The ones that are usually full of flavor and tend to be quite strong. Not for the faint hearted and must be drunk with a couple of drops of water to disperse the flavors. 
the malt whisky flavor map
The Single Malt flavor map created by Dave Broom and Jim Beveridge.
It's all about the uisge beatha - or gaelic for Water of Life. Sláinte!

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